How to choose a photographer

As I would like to help to everybody, to find the right photographer, I am going to give some sort advice here :

If you never hired a photographer before, or if you have bad experience, here is a little help how to choose the right photographer;

There are thousands of photographers out there, so how do you make the correct choice ?

- Firstly, always choose a qualified professional photographer so you will know you dealing with a true professional.

- Ensure the style of your photographer matches your requirements. There are many different types of portraiture; formal group shots, informal reportage style, studio, location (at your home, office), use of props, black & white, colour.

-Ask to see a price list and make sure there are no hidden costs and also enquire about framing options before you hiring a photographer.

-You'll need to know how long the shoot will take and how many images the photographer is planning to take and how many images will be retouched.

  Some of the people can't see the difference between a good photograph and a low quality photo.
If you are not sure which wedding photographer to choose, send me the links to some different photographer websites and i am happy to help and tell you wich one is the best for you.